Community Learning

Social Health Services Group, Inc. provides Community Learning Services to a wide range of persons with developmental disabilities. Our program offers supports that enhance the individual’s opportunity for community participation. Individuals learn to exercise choice and control over their lives and activities in a way that promotes positive growth and socialization.

SHSG structured supports:

Group of people hugging to each otherI. Socialization Skills

  • Maintain interpersonal relationships, understanding self-advocacy and ability to respond to safety and health problems, as necessary.
  • Exercise choices, initiating planning activities and problem solving skills.
  • Communicate with others, understand emotions and social cues.
  • Enjoy community outings.

II. Employment/ Vocational Skills

  • Participate in person-centered activities and volunteer activities in the community.
  • Utilizing community services such as public transportation and ability to respond to safety issues.
  • Exploiting community resources to the maximum to increase individual’s productivity, competency and independence.
  • Participate in internet usage for employment and volunteer exploration. Participating in volunteer or employment opportunities.

To schedule a visit, or to initiate the admissions/placement process, please call our Intake Coordinator at: 410-381-1114, or toll free at 866-560-6357.