Day Habilitation

Social Health Services Group, Inc. provides support for individuals to become independent, and integrated into the community in productive ways, based on their individual skills, needs and personal objectives. Individuals can participate five days a week in day programs (with transportation being provided).

Day Habilitation includes:

a special child in a wheelchair smiling

  • Individuals participating in structured activities designed to increase or maintain:
    1. motor skills
    2. communication skills
    3. personal hygiene skills
    4. leisure skills and
    5. community integration.
  • Building communication and social skills.
  • Increasing community awareness and involvement.
  • Developing or maintaining academic and computer skills.
  • Exploring and developing personal interests such as gardening, cooking, arts and music appreciation.

To schedule a visit, or to initiate the admissions/placement process, please call our Intake Coordinator at: 410-381-1114, or toll free at 866-560-6357.