Community Living Group Home Services

The mission and philosophy of Social Health Services Group, Inc. is to provide people (adults) within the state of Maryland who have developmental disabilities with an opportunity to live and grow with dignity in the least restrictive environment in a community setting.

Included but not limited to the following:
caregivers taking care of an elder

  • A residential setting that will allow, encourage and support viable relationship with his/her family, guardian and community.
  • A humanizing residential environment, which permits him/her a rhythm and routine of life, that is appropriate from the perspective of his/her chronological age, as well as his/her functional capabilities.
  • A programmatic continuum of quality residential service, which affords him/her opportunities for the development of normalized attitudes and behaviors, the making of individual choices, the risk of success and failure, and the maximization of his/her potential for independent living.
  • An individual residential program plan, incorporating appropriate professional assessment and evaluation, formal delineation of his/her developmental goal and objectives, provision of the instruction and supervisions necessary for him/her to attempt to reach these goals and objectives, and his/her ongoing participation in the entire process.

To schedule a visit, or to initiate the admissions/placement process, please call our Intake Coordinator at: 410-381-1114, or toll free at 866-560-6357.