Supported Employment

At Social Health Services Group, Inc. we believe that supported employment is based on the principle that individuals with severe disabilities have the right to be employed by community businesses where they can earn comparable wages, work side-by-side with co-workers with or without disabilities, and experience all of the same benefits as other employees of the company.

Supported employment assists individuals with severe disabilities by providing individualized supports that enable them to choose the kind of job they want and to become successful members of the workforce.

SHSG job coaches work with individuals to develop an Employment Plan based on each individual’s employment goals, capabilities, and needs.

person on an interviewSupported Employment Program services include:

  • Pre-vocational activities such as assessing capabilities and interests, resume development, and interviewing.
  • Addressing barriers to employment, such as needed accommodations and assistive technology.
  • Support for retaining the job, including workplace relations and meeting employer expectations.

To schedule a visit, or to initiate the admissions/placement process, please call our Intake Coordinator at: 410-381-1114, or toll free at 866-560-6357.