Vocational Services

At Social Health Services Group, Inc. we work hard to match individuals with the best possible employment opportunities. Vocational Services includes training that emphasizes skills and knowledge required for a particular job function or a trade.

Vocational services include but are not limited to:

Teacher is teaching the male student

  • Pre-vocational activities such as assessing capabilities and interests, resume development, and interviewing.
  • Addressing barriers to employment, such as needed accommodations and assistive technology.
  • Support for retaining the job, including workplace relations and meeting employer expectations.
  • Job training, work skill training, and placement programs.
  • Training in social skills, acceptable work behaviors, and other skills such as money management.
  • Basic safety skills.
  • Training in work-related hygiene.

In the job development area, support staff will help individuals with the following:

  • Searching for jobs.
  • Completing job applications.
  • Job preparedness.
  • Any further needed skill sets/job training.
  • Preparing for job interviews.

To schedule a visit, or to initiate the admissions/placement process, please call our Intake Coordinator at: 410-381-1114, or toll free at 866-560-6357.