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All human beings are capable of achieving their full potential regardless of their physical, mental, or developmental limitations, if they are provided with a suitable nurturing environment, and are provided with opportunities for growth. Social Health Services Group, Inc. provides such an environment. SHSG, fills a niche in supporting individuals who have coexisting mental health conditions along with developmental disabilities. Residential living is a viable alternative to long-term institutionalization. Our individuals are afforded the opportunity to live a quality life, in a less restrictive community residential setting. It is our mission to support and provide the highest standard of care for individuals with developmental disabilities, so that they can realize their dreams, and live quality lives as valued members of their communities.

Our Services

We offer our services to persons with developmental, emotional, and/or physical disabilities. The program offers opportunities for persons diagnosed with the following: view all services

Intellectual Disability




Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


Impulse Control Disorder


Cerebral Palsy




Borderline Personality Disorder


Bipolar Disorder


Other severe and non-severe behavioral and emotional disorders


Our Vision Statement

The vision of SHSG, Inc. is for our individuals to live a fulfilling and quality life. We facilitate this vision by providing first-class caring and supportive services to individuals. At SHSG, Inc. we treat each individual with dignity and respect, in a nurturing, loving and familial environment. We strive to ensure that all individuals live a quality life.

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Our Mission Statement

The mission of SHSG, Inc. is to:

  • To provide a residential setting that will facilitate, encourage, and support healthy interactions among our individuals, family members or guardians, and members of the community.
  • To provide an environment that is functional for individuals of varying ages and capabilities.
  • To provide goal-oriented quality residential services that will provide opportunities for the development of normalized attitudes and behaviors, individual choices, and the maximization of the potential for individuals to live independently.
  • To provide comprehensive medical intervention, life skills training, psychosocial assessments and palliative therapeutic intervention in a structured treatment milieu.
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